Mary Quite Contrary
Mary Quite Contrary....a view of my heaven, my inspiration for current projects and future installations. Recycled arts, painting, sustainable architecture, fiber, digital and contemporary art along with classic painting and ancient artifacts. Anthropological and various religions views and spiritually uplifting quotes. Vintage, traditional folk arts and did i mention traveling caravans and tree houses?
Front Erte by Moe’s Ache on Flickr.
Fine Fanciful Tramp Art Folk Art Vanity Dated 1916 signed ‘C F Eden, 16’.
Tramp Art Folk Art Frame 1900 - 1916
Frame made by esteemed tramp artist John Martin Zubersky who lived in Joliet, IL.  His trademark style combines expressive sunflower corners, deeply layered rows with each layer having a different carving style and open tulip carved edges. It was handed down in the family of a neighbor of Zubersky’s.The frame dates to 1916 - 1920.
American Folk/Tramp Art Frame USA Early 20th century

Carlo Bugatti, 1902
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Throne Chair
Carlo Bugatti, 1900
House Targaryen Chaise, made with large, gnarled Dragon Claws (by Michel Hillard)
'Forget Me Not' Tramp Art Remembrance Box
PA, USA 1890 -1910